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John Pelletier

Chief of Police

Maui Police Department

"Bitsko Consulting Group does an excellent job at assisting your agency's wellness needs as it pertains to emotional survival and critical incident management.  They take a hands-on approach and craft exactly what your teams need is and they do so in an incredibly realistic, humanistic approach.

Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police

Dennis Flynn

Deputy Chief

Commerce City PD

We had Josh provide the Police Resiliency and Critical Incident Mindset course to over 100 first responders, (police, fire, EMS, and even a few clinicians), here in Colorado.  The details he shared about the October 1 massacre – the mindset, leadership, decision making, and emotional aftermath, as well as details from other traumatic events were incredibly informative.   Josh demonstrated that he is not only an expert in this field but showed his true desire to help others.  Many of the participants remarked that after attending this course, they felt better equipped to respond to critical incidents as well as manage past traumas.  This should be a required course for all first responders. Well done!

Gayland Hammack


International Training Institute

As an instructor Josh has always put a premium on presenting quality training and using his vast experience to provide a high level of training to local, state and federal law enforcement officers and agents. ​ His block of instruction on Police Resiliency and Critical Incident Mindset was one of the highlights of the 27th Covert Ops Training Course.  It was well received by all the attendees and sparked targeted exchange from the students.  I highly recommend his block of instruction to all law enforcement officers and agents.

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