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Law Enforcement Services

Image by Colin Lloyd

Police Resiliency and Critical Incident Mindset Training 

As one of three officers to breach the door and make entry into the suspect’s room during the 1-October Massacre in 2017 in Las Vegas (the largest mass shooting incident in US history to date), Josh knows the feelings police officers are taught to feel, and the feelings he actually felt during that incident.


Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty are REAL, yet seldom talked about in the law enforcement and first responder community. If we are not honest with our first responders about the reality of what their emotions will be IN the moment, they will struggle to manage those emotions not only in the moment, but the years after. Josh is passionate about his goal of “Preparing your workforce FOR the moment, IN the moment!”

Because of this experience, as well as many others over the course of his career, Josh provides training for law enforcement and first responders that addresses:

  • The intense emotions you’ll experience before, during, and after responding to a critical incident.

  • Coping strategies (backed by data science) first responders can employ in the moment of a critical incident.

  • Coping strategies post-incident.

  • Ways law enforcement and first responder agencies can improve the wellness of their workforce post incident, and how agencies can minimize the impact of internal stressors on the workforce.

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