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Advancing employee wellness through comprehensive training, support, and analysis.

Your Trusted Resiliency Consultants

Police Resiliency and Critical Incident Mindset Training

The response to an active assailant is the most dynamic and stressful call a first responder will face in their career.  This class helps students prepare for the variety of emotions and stress they’ll face when responding to such incidents, and teaches the tools necessary to build resilience.  Learn more

Employee Resilience

Bitsko Consulting will assist in creation of programs to increase employee resilience and decrease organizational stress.  Learn more

Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop exercises are a valuable tool to prepare your department for critical incident response. Learn more

When It Matters Most

Watch Josh talk about his harrowing experience and how this class can help your workforce gain the tools they need to navigate high-stress scenarios. Through his experience, this class will help your team perform at their best when it matters most. 

Image by Michael Förtsch
Get Started Today

Consulting can be an invaluable asset to any company and law enforcement agency. Consulting services provide a fresh perspective and help to identify potential areas of improvement that may have gone unnoticed. Consulting can also improve confidence in the agency's operations, leading to safer outcomes and better mental clarity for all involved. Consulting can help to identify potential issues and provide solutions that could not have been found without the expertise of the consultant. Ultimately, our consulting can help to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of any company.

Trusted Consulting

Joshua and Jenna Bitsko have a combined 35 years of law enforcement experience. Both are experienced leaders in the fields of early intervention, employee wellness, critical incident response and management, and stress management during critical incidents. 

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