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Jenna Bitsko- Founder 

With over a decade of analytical experience and two years as a manager over one of the largest crime analytics sections in the country, Jenna Bitsko was handpicked to re-build the early warning system of one of the largest police departments in the United States. Her unique experience allowed her to enhance internal analytics with the goal of preventing police misconduct. Jenna’s appointment came after a year of public outcry for police reform around the country. With her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University along with over a decade of law enforcement experience, she was uniquely qualified to take on this challenge. She immediately led her team in the development of a diverse library of analytical products to assist all levels of leadership at the LVMPD. During her time as a crime analyst in the Homicide Section, Jenna made significant contributions to complex cases through her technological skill set in the interpretations of cellular telephone data and its subsequent location mapping. She provided strategic analysis of statistical data, causative factors, and trends in homicides, providing tools for decision makers to develop strategies that reduced the number of homicides in Las Vegas. Jenna has a proven track record of public speaking, as well as educating line level employees and leadership of law enforcement agencies. She has taught all levels of law enforcement the new and exciting capabilities of using analytics to enhance early warning systems.


Joshua Bitsko- Director of Training

Joshua Bitsko has been a law enforcement professional for 23 years and has held a variety of positions to include K9 Handler, K9 Training Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Internal Affairs Lieutenant, Policy and Procedure Lieutenant, Commander of the Las Vegas Resort Corridor, and Commander over the Health, Wellness, and Safety Bureau. He has a BA in Public Administration and is an experienced instructor with over 18 years of teaching both law enforcement employees and community members. Josh responded to the largest mass shooting incident in US history, the 1 October Massacre, as a tactical element. Josh was one of three people to breach the suspect’s door and led a team of officers to make entry and clear the suspect’s room. Josh was also the incident commander over a mass stabbing incident on the Las Vegas Strip. This gives him unique insight on both the stressors of being on the front lines during an active shooter, and the pressures of leading a police response when lives are at stake. He has spoken around the country about the 1 October massacre, to include to the Secret Service at the White House. After action de-briefs and trainings often fail to include the emotional aftermath of our first responder community in the years following critical incidents. Josh can provide personal insight into the struggles of post-traumatic stress, and strategies to assist in processing trauma. Through his first-hand experiences, Josh can not only provide guidance and training for law enforcement professionals facing the most extreme critical incidents, but also describe the mindset necessary for proper critical incident preparedness, response, and processing the aftermath.

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